JunHe Welcomes Dr. Zhang Yipeng

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We sincerely welcome Dr. Zhang Yipeng to join us and practice in our Beijing office. Mr. Zhang specializes in cross-border mergers and acquisitions and overseas listings.

Mr. Zhang studied in many famous universities and received LL.M in corporate law from New York University, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in law and a Master’s degree and a Ph.D in International Economic Law from Renmin University of China. He started practice in Hong Kong in 2007. From 2007 to 2017, Mr. Zhang has worked in the Hong Kong and Beijing representative offices of Freshfields, during which he was selected to work in the London Office of Freshfields for one and a half years. Since 2017, Mr. Zhang worked as a senior lawyer and counsel in the Beijing Office of Linklaters.

Mr. Zhang has rich experience in overseas M&A and overseas listings on behalf of Chinese enterprises. As the lead lawyer, he represented a large number of Chinese companies in overseas investment in Europe, Middle East, South America, Africa, and Australia, especially in such industries as energy and infrastructure, manufacturing, and financial institutions. Mr. Zhang has also been involved in a number of Hong Kong listings of Chinese companies and provided international legal services to issuers and international distributors.

Mr. Zhang is very skillful in providing strategic advice to clients in complex business transactions and negotiations. He can protect the interests of clients while promoting transactions and finally become the client’s long-term trustful counsel. With his excellent professional proficiency and solid legal knowledge, he has also been retained by a number of large corporate clients as their long term legal counsel.

JunHe, in reliance on its profound culture, professional proficiency and democratic management system, successfully build its unique “Way of Excellence” and cultivated a group of outstanding legal professionals, which in return attracted many outstanding lawyers to join us. We believe that Mr. Zhang will make JunHe stronger in cross-broder investment and financing fields by providing more professional, diversified and international high-end legal services. At the same time, we also believe that Dr. Zhang Yipeng can fully use his talent to achieve a better career development in JunHe.

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