Hoffmann Liebs launches its own podcast series: “LeXplained – Ein Hoffmann Liebs Podcast”

By January 17, 2022 No Comments

Shortly after the turn of the year, Hoffmann Liebs also expanded his own knowledge communication with a new channel – which is why the firm’s know-how is now also available for listening. The first podcast series “LeXplained – Ein Hoffmann Liebs Podcast” starts on 11.01.2022.


Digital audio and video formats have long since conquered a firm place alongside classic legal publications and specialist lectures – it is above all podcasts that deal with a wide range of topics and have already become a fixed personal ritual for many people, for example on the way to work, during lunch break or after work.


Podcasts not only serve as an entertainment format, but can also contribute like no other instrument to convey know-how and current knowledge in a simple and understandable way – and thus improve the quality of decisions.


In order to make effective use of these new possibilities of knowledge transfer, Hoffmann Liebs is launching the first of initially two podcast series in January. Under the name “LeXplained – Ein Hoffmann Liebs Podcast”, the firm’s associates deal with a current topic in the legal market and/or prominent proceedings in recent judicial history every month – and discuss the respective case not only from a legal perspective but also from an economic and social point of view. The format is therefore explicitly aimed not only at legally trained persons, but is also intended to bring all interested listeners closer to complex legal issues in an equally understandable and entertaining way. To ensure this, the episodes last no more than 20 minutes each and are divided into several central meaning sections.


The prelude is the episode “The House Theft Case of the Abou Chakers: On the Peculiarities of Land Registry Law”, further decouplings will follow on the first Tuesday of each month. Two podcast participants talk about a topic together per episode, while the addition of internal and external guests is also planned for the future.


“We are very pleased about the opportunity to develop our own thematic focus within the framework of this project and to be able to convey legal expertise – compressed in a high-reach podcast format – to the outside world,” say associates Lisa Gallinger and Laura Imkamp,who developed and recorded the first two episodes of the podcast.


For Hoffmann Liebs, promoting young talent also means giving aspiring lawyers extensive opportunities to take the initiative themselves and initiate larger projects – free of the classic “track record”. Therefore, the commitment of the associates meets with an even more positive response.


In addition, the second podcast series entitled “Director’s Cast – Ein Hoffmann Liebs Podcast” will start in the first quarter of 2022 with a time lag. This is aimed at an industry-specific audience and deals with the field of labour criminal law from a practitioner’s perspective. Detailed information will follow shortly.