ABPA advised SADO RENT in the sale to LEASYS RENT


The ABPA team that followed the sales process was coordinated by Senior Partner António Borges Pires and had the intervention of lawyers Ana Ramos Logrado and Pedro Oliveira de Freitas.

ABPA advised SADO RENT shareholders on the sale of 100% of their shares to LEASYS, a subsidiary company of FCA BANK.

SADO RENT is a relevant player in the Portuguese car rental market, with 25 years of activity and a presence throughout the country. It currently has 18 stations and a dynamic and scalable fleet that exceeds 1,000 vehicles and operates in various categories. In recent years they have grown steadily, driven by the growth of tourism and by a diversified portfolio of clients, both national and international, from leisure and tourism companies, giving the company a proven know-how in the car rental business and a remarkable turnover.

With 20 years of experience, LEASYS RENT currently operates in 11 countries, serving more than 110,000 customers and manages, in long-term rental, more than 400,000 vehicles throughout Europe, intending to expand its operation in the Portuguese market.

“The operation was carried out very quickly and in a coordinated manner until closing, demonstrating the quality and effectiveness of the services provided, and the great ability of the entire ABPA team to adapt to the times we live in and the restrictions and limitations that result from it, require great resilience and constant focus on goals.” – António Borges Pires, Senior Partner.